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About Us

Clauddy Software Company

Clauddy Software is one of the leading Cyprus investment company.
The company was launched in 2018 with the reason to double the number of startups at Cyprus to accelerate access to the global economic market and raise the attractiveness of these young companies and their IT-projects to professional investors.

At this time Clauddy Software hopes to attract startups from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, where the company can provide seed funding and extensive support with business development.

We are seeking companies and startups all over the world, which creating IT, software and hardware development for all retail types and banks.

Clauddy Software believes that innovative IT and payment solutions are not the future, but the present!
We know that combining sophisticated software and affordable hardware can turn mobile and computing devices into powerful payment and point-of-sale solutions. These tools will help sellers make informed business decisions through the use of analytics and reporting and gain access to business loans.

Therefore, we are here to help early-stage and expansion-stage companies to start, run — and helping them grow their business is good business for everyone.

Besides, we allow companies to face their projects to market and business reality at a very early stage by providing important financial support and advice.

Using our IT, marketing and communications expertise, we actively help companies to compete for economic ring and attract new customers.
And this has become our driving force - we want to give startups all of the tools and opportunities that allow them to develop using their own creativity and involvement.


Our goal is to find a potentially interesting project in the field of IT, non-cash payments, software and accelerate the growth of this business. We focus on early-stage startups and expansion-stage companies and invest on average $500.000 - $10.0000.000 We are working with leading VCs and ready for further investments.


We have a strong network of investors in the Russia, Europe, US and Asia. Greylock, Index, Bloomberg, Greylock, NEA,Index, Homebrew, Sherpa, Social Capital Founders Fund and others.

PR and marketing help

If your startup is really interesting and we decided to cooperate — this means that we are not only helping you financially but also tell about your company or project to the whole world! Our specialist knows where and to whom advise you and how how to promote the project.

What we are looking for?

We invest strength and funds in young companies and support technology start-ups that can offer their business-project aimed at developing the financial sector and retail trade.

Our goal is to find a potentially interesting project in the field of IT, non-cash payments, software and accelerate the growth of this business.

Acquaint with potential customers
We have a huge affiliate network to advise your startup or project and further development. In addition, we ourselves are interested in your active participation in the financial market.

Our Interests

All solutions for businesses

We are looking for concepts, solutions, products and services that are able to remove barriers and create new opportunities for the use of all card types. In addition, we are open to the concepts of improving the efficiency of using corporate cards in the existing environment.

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